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At A.D.S. Plumbing, Inc., we take care and provide our customers with high quality plumbing, heating, sewer & drain cleaning services
personalized for their unique needs. We are available for both regular and emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both our
residential and commercial customers.

Does Your Boiler Need Repairs?
Boilers can be easy to maintain or extremely expensive if you don’t play by the rules. A good boiler should give you years of service with just a few
repairs and upgrades here and there.

If you are experiencing any of these common signs, you may be in need of a boiler repair:

Unusual Noises: Odd noises like whirring, clunking, whistling, and thumping are always a red flag. These noises are caused by damaged heat
exchangers, blocked systems, broken heat pumps, and faulty fans.

Heating Delays or Inadequate Heat: For most modern boilers, heat is achieved as soon as you switch it on. If you experience a delay in
heating, this might indicate circulation problems or thermostat short circuits.

Abnormal Smells: These smells come from boiler leaks such as oil or gas leak, and these leaks can be hazardous to your safety and health.

Water Leaks: Water leaks cause damage and corrosion to your unit, and they also increase energy consumption which reduces your boiler’s

Wear and Tear: Boilers are also prone to old age. If you notice wear and tear, it’s time for a repair or an upgrade.

Do You Need Your Boiler Replaced?
Boilers were the heating system of choice, years ago, which is why many older homes had one installed. A lot of these homes continued to use this
type of heating system as time went on. However, as the years go by, these appliances wear out. If you have an older boiler unit, a replacement
may just be around the corner for your home.

AQUA DIAGNOSTICS will help you decide whether a boiler replacement is necessary. Our expert team can not only help to figure out if you need a
repair or a replacement but we can install the new unit as well. Everything can get done right the first time at a cost that you can afford!

Signs You Might Need to Replace Your Boiler
It’s important to replace your old boiler system before it stops working entirely, or the repairs can drain your wallet dry. A new boiler installation, in
the long-term, will save you money that you would ultimately be putting towards more and more repairs. Here are a few signs that we look for when
deciding whether your boiler needs to be swapped out for a new unit or just be simply repaired.

AQUA DIAGNOSTICS Boiler Replacement Checklist

Too many repairs
– Repairs, here and there, are expected. It helps keep the boiler going for a long time. But, if your unit is seeing a repair
technician more often than it should, you need to consider replacing it. Don’t throw money away by continuing to repair it; put that money towards
a brand new one.
Increase in your energy bills– If you notice your utility bills are higher than usual, without any explanation, it might be that your old boiler is
using more energy to run.
Not getting warm enough– If your boiler isn’t giving off the heat that it once did, it could be time to have it replaced. Give us a call, and we’ll
evaluate your older boiler unit to see if you’re due for a new one or just a service.

Types of Boilers We Can Service
Boilers in homes are typically gas-powered or electric and either steam or hot water. The gas-powered ones are known for their stable
performance and low maintenance. The electrical units tend to be quieter than the gas ones, and they take up less space.

A boiler installation can be coupled with other hot water systems that you may have already installed. Or, you can install a combination unit that will
provide the home with both heat and hot water, saving you on your energy bills.

Boilers are complicated appliances. Choosing the right one for your residence is critical, but there are many considerations to keep in mind when
deciding which one to buy. Turn to a professional, like
AQUA DIAGNOSTICS who know boiler systems inside and out. We can help you choose the
right type of boiler installation for your home or commercial building. We offer the best boiler replacement service around, so contact us today.
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Bergen County, Passaic County North Jersey Emergency Plumbing, Heating and Drain Cleaning Company
Bergen County, Passaic County North Jersey Emergency Plumbing, Heating and Drain Cleaning Company
Bergen County, Passaic County North Jersey Emergency Plumbing, Heating and Drain Cleaning Company
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